Attend BrightFocus Alzheimer’s Fast Track Workshop and Present at Sfn 2022 in San Diego

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This month, I attended the BrightFocus AD Fast Track 2022 workshop in San Diego (Thanks to the support of BrightFocus Travel Diversity Fellowship). The immersive workshop gave me a good head start on cutting-edge research related to Alzheimer’s dementia. Afterwards, I attended Sfn 2022 and gave a talk titled “Evidence for a distributed head direction and travel trajectory system in the human brain during active navigation” at the nanosymposium “Memory Encoding and Spatial Navigation” on Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 16).

The BrightFocus AD Fast Track 2022 workshop is an intensive and unusual experience. As a member of the “Diagnostics” group, I communicated with other 9 young scientists to come up with novel and economic AD diagnostic approaches and pitched our ideas to experts as a mock grant proposal. This is my first experience collaborating with so many people from different scientific backgrounds (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, bioinfomratics, nursing, etc.). Even more impressive, we came up with a complete research agenda within 3 days - what a great potential for collaboration.

At Sfn, I got to meet my Ph.D. lab members from the UCI Spatial Neuroscience Lab, collaborators from the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab at Boston University, and researchers from MGH MIND (Mass General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease).