Present at spatial@ucsb.global2021: Spatial Data Science for a Sustainable Future

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This afternoon, I gave a poster presentation of my latest findings of head direction signals in the human brain at spatial@ucsb.global2021 - the annual spatial conference hosted by the Spatial Center at UC Santa Barbara with a topic on “Spatial Data Science for a Sustainable Future”. I’m glad to share my fresh research findings with my UCSB colleagues in both geography and psychology.

Spatial data science is a very interdisciplinary field. At this conference, I saw research from images on the Mars to images in the human brain, but all with a focus on “spatial”. This time, with conference being virtual, I got the opportunity to remotely present my research to my previous colleagues at UCSB and Gaucho alumni who are conducting interesting work on spatial data science. It was really nice to attend a conference like this where I can catch up with the past and think about the future :)