Host CNLM Panel ‘Sleep to Feel, to Think, and to Remember’

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I am excited that this year’s first outreach event “Sleep to feel, to think, and to remember” from the CNLM Adult Outreach Committee was hosted successfully tonight with over 160 attendees from the Irvine community. This time, three UCI sleep experts Dr. Bryce Mander, Dr. Ivy Chen, and Frida Corona shared their life stories of how they got into sleep research and provided us with their precious advice on how to improve and better understand our sleep (A news article generated from this post was published on the CNLM website here ).

From Dr. Bryce Mander, we learned that sleep efficiency matters more than how many hours we sleep. People can stay having good sleep even when they get older. Having dreams actually enriched our life! And importantly, if you find your sleep not good, check with a sleep specialist. It can be fixed :)

Dr. Ivy Chen provided us great tips of keeping sleep hygiene: setting up sleep routine, getting sufficient bright light exposure, engaging in activities, and avoiding late night caffeine or alcohol. Most importantly, keeping consistency in your everyday life.

PhD researcher Frida Corona told us that sometimes our environment (e.g., safety) can provide sleep stress, but social contacts such as interact more with our family could buffer the stress. She also shared with us her secret tip on what to do when we couldn’t fall asleep in bed: leave the bed to do other activities for 15-20 minutes, so that we could train our brain to dissociate bed from not being able to sleep. And meditation helps!

On a side note, as one of the event hosts (along with my amazing colleague Miranda), I am really touched by team power!

All panelists, organizers, and moderators in UCI zot postures