Present at Virtual CNS

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I attended and presented my research on head direction signals at this year’s virtual Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting (CNS). It’s nice to learn about other cognitive neuroscientists’ research at this meeting.

This is my first time attending CNS. I found it quite unique that CNS has several special sessions revolves around research work of particular distinguished cognitive neuroscientists, such as Dr. Brenda Milner and Dr. Art Shimamura. From those special sessions, I not only learned about those scientists’ great work, but also get to know how their work and career develop over the past decades.

One thing I learned recently about research is “graduality”. Knowledge about one specific research question should be accumulated overtime. It’s like playing jigsaw puzzle: I find a piece today, and then another piece a month later. It will take a long time to put different pieces together to get a bigger picture. I used to think about research as a type of sprint, so I get disappointed easily when my experimental results were different from my expectation. However, research is more like a marathon. The art of research is ‘re-search’: we need to repeatedly searching for the right answer.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.